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Jaene Castrillon is a Toronto based queer woman of color with a multitude of lived experiences; this is the foundation for her art and work.  Jaene is a multidisciplinary artist utilizing art and intersecting it with activism.  She creates a positive environment for dialogue between the ideas of wellness, illness, the creative mind and the human condition.  Her main disciplines are filmmaking, performance art and dance.  Jaene believes in using her art to show the brilliance and the heartbreak of living a life less ordinary.

When not making art, Jaene works as a Holistic Outreach Worker with a local Aboriginal friendship centre.

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I went to fill my glass With water (In a moment of a sigh)   the glass slips out...

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When I was young I wrote poetry for my ego – always about me and my miseries   When...

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Bye Bye

Deep endless flows From a place Long forgotten I am one without A soul Just anguish that’s...

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